PVC shutters

The Right PVC Shutters for You

In a world where products are manufactured in assembly lines which must produce thousands of daily. Qaulity control for pvc sutters can easily be taken for granted. 

That is why at CDSpaces, we provide the best PVC Shutters in South Africa, which are locally produced using the finest material,our pvc shutters are much more superior than pvc shutter blinds made by our friends across the Indian Ocean who will add the price for shipping and pass it on to you, the consumer.

At CDSpaces we take quality serious, so serious we feel its our duty to educate you on our pvc shutter blinds.

No wonder why moist rich areas, mostly Durban and Cape Town love our shutter blinds;

  • Custom made, locally manufactured
  • Cost competitive since locally produced
  • Quick lead times 
  • They provide impeccable sun radiation control
  • PVC shutters provide have noise absorption
  • Available in a number of colours
  • Cleaning is very easy
  • Choose from a wide range
  • Doesnt crack or break
  • Durable

PVC Shutters or Aluminuim?

If you asking yourself what you must choose between pvc or aluminuim shutters. 

Let us help at CDSpaces.

Firstly we sell both types of variations, pvc or aluminuim. We feel like are perfectly positioned to help you make the right choice.

  • The obvious starting point would be price. Pvc shutters are offered at much cheaper price points. 
  • Highly customizable – can be in any configuration
  • Lead times – pvc shutter have a quicker lead time than aluminium which are resources mined from the Earth.
  • Its much easier to install pvc shutters
  • If weight is your concern; poly vinyl chloride is much more lighter than aluminium making it easier and cheaper to transport pvc shutters
  • PVC Shutters are Maintenance free
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