Being a part of this beautiful country has allowed us at Creative Design Spaces to have a better insight to the tastes of our people.

Creative Design Spaces began when a gap in the market for affordable wooden shutters stood out like a sore thumb. We intend on providing clients with reasonably priced, high quality wooden shutters. Our fundamental focus is on quality, from workmanship to customer service. At Creative Design Spaces, we manufacture the shutters from start to finish as well as install our shutters, guaranteeing you quality. Our goal is to deliver both ready-made as well as customised shutters to you, our clients.

We hope our core values becomes our trademark and are what resonates in every shutter we produce. We aspire to not only become the leading shutter manufacturer but also leave a mark in each and every home. Let us help you bring all you envisioned for your home to life.

We are available to you on many platforms- facebook, twitter, Instagram, ready to answer any questions. We have made it near to impossible for us to be uncontactable.

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Quality in our product, from the manufacturing process to the installation. In our customer service from our sales
team to our builders.

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We are dedicated to bettering ourselves, our product and services everyday, striving to be the best.

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We firmly believe that the whole is greater than the sum of its parts.