Aluminium Shutters

The Best Quality and Value Aluminium Security Shutters

Our Security Shutters serve two jobs, they protect and they decorate making your house stylish and safe at the sale time.

Made from high-grade aluminium you can be guaranteed to have a long-lasting product that will look as good as the first day installed, in many years to come.

Offers long term durabilty.

A combination of asthetics and security.

Wide range of colours available.

Fitted with a secure locking sytem.

Indoor and outdoor friendly.

Our to based on measurement requirements

We have a quick turn around time.

Security Shutters is our speciality.

We guarantee the best service when it comes to;

Quality Aluminium 

Best Aluminium Prices

At CDSpaces we also do installations

Quick turn around time

We have a neat and knowledgable team that will make sure to provide the best service and will treat your home like ours

bed and fold your window shutters
center rod window shutters in action
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