UP TO 40% OFF YOUR SHUTTERS until 30 November

UP TO 40% OFF YOUR SHUTTERS until 30 November

Discount on all shutters

Here at Creative Design Spaces we care about your wallet. The two scariest things that happens when you are thinking about renovating, is one change is scary itself and two, the damage it will do to your pocket. Alot of our customers choose us for our good quality products and our impeccable service. But we are going to kick it up a notch and keep on keeping you happy. The world is forever changing, growing and developing. You have to think ten steps ahead. If you have kids you have to think short term for paying their primary school fees and long term for when they want to study 7 years to become a doctor.

You have other things to worry about in life. That does not mean you can treat yourself to your dream house with your favourite shutters in it. We are about making you happy. Therefore your finances is our next priority! We are now providing a discount UP TO 40% OFF your shutters. Do not forget that the amount in your quote includes delivery, installation and an award winning smile from our skilled and experienced installation crew.

Here is the breakdown:

Aluminium shutters are 40% off, you can trust us to create a safe home for you and your loved ones.

PVC shutters are 35% off, with the quality of the investment you will be making that money back.

And lastly 40% off our famous wooden shutters, it has never been so cost efficient to bring a certain type of aesthetic to your home.

What are you waiting for! Call us now!

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