Blinds vs Shutters

Over time people learn to adapt, grow and get better. This process has happened multiple times before. Evolution is inevitable. People constantly learning and looking for better solutions for our problems. We are constantly reviewing things in our lives and asking each other how can we improve a certain situation. Everything now-a-days has a newer generation or model. From cars to appliances, so why shouldn’t our choice for window coverage, safety and interior design grow too? Blinds and curtains have been around for decades, they are what we know but is that the reason to not upgrade? Lets look at the facts, blinds have many purposes but are not keeping up with the time. Shutters is the new norm for your windows and doors.


Blinds are efficient but for those whom have had blinds for years, you are well aware that they can so easily break. This leaves a very untidy look in your house that no one wants. As for curtains, they are expensive and extremely time consuming. Why would anyone waste precious time of putting up blinds, just for them to come tumbling down one by one or having to change your curtains every month and using all of your energy hanging them and then having to take them down to clean them. Even though they have been around for a long time, doesn’t mean we can’t retire them into the closet and put up something that is cost effective, durable, purposeful and easy to clean.


Shutters are multipurpose, and does everything that blinds and shutters do but make it better. From blocking the sun to providing us with privacy, the purposes are endless. Shutters are more convenient for everyone, from families in homes to team workers in offices. They are easy to clean by just giving them a wipe down and lets not forget the appeal it has sitting in your home, on your windows. Shutters are neat, elegant and can tie the whole room together. It gives off a certain aesthetic to the room that will be worth every penny.


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