Wooden Shutters – The Preferred Window Covering

Wooden Shutters – The Preferred Window Covering

beautiful wooden door shutters for anywhere

When making home renovations one hopes to invest in things that have a long life span and will remain as new as the day it is purchased. With our wooden shutters you needn’t worry yourself over that. Our manufacturing process takes into consideration all factors that pertinent to perfecting shutters so that you our customer is happy for a lifetime.

Wooden Shutters For Your Windows

Unlike other window coverings that are susceptible to elements such as extreme weather, our wooden shutters are resistant to its adversities. Shutters are perfect for all seasons, which is great because in Johannesburg we experience all four season in one day. So why not invest in what will become a permanent addition to your home.

Our shutters are made from premium wood of the highest quality. We source the wood and manufacture the shutters right here in South Africa. Shutters serve both an aesthetical and practical value in a home. We also offer various wood types that can be used to manufacture the shutters, depending on the use of the shutters- we are here to accommodate it all. All our wood types are durable but some are better for aesthetical purposes and other for practical purposes such as safety.

Wooden shutters also increase the value of a home. We can guarantee shutters are a life-time investment because our staff is meticulous from the manufacturing process to delivery and installation. Wooden shutters benefits surpass any other window protection mechanism, firstly because they are perfect for all season- in winter the shutters allow the warm sunrays whilst keeping out the cool air. Keeping you and your family safe from the harsh weather. In summer letting the cool breeze in and keeping the scorching sun out is no problem with our easy-to-use adjustable louvers.

Shutters are sturdy with no hanging parts that can be affect by external factors such as wind. Shutters do not require hooks or a rail that puts strain on the structure of a house. They are tailor-made to accommodate the current structure. It is slim and sleek, not taking up copious amounts of space that gives the illusion of a bigger space.

Here are some practical reasons to install shutters in your home:

Unlike other window coverings shutters gives you more control. You can have your windows open with the louvers tilted, allowing you to maintain privacy while relaxing in your home. Giving you peace of mind.

Shutters being made out of wood are 100% bio-degradable, which is better for the environment. We firmly believe our little contributions is what matters.

One of the most convincing reasons to purchase shutters is the minimalistic cleaning required thanks to the wood treatment that is dust resistant and water proof all that is needed is a good wipe.

There is also a saving cost involved because wooden shutters replace heating and cooling mechanisms. Wood is durable material, difficult to penetrate thus providing extra layers of protection.

Aesthetics wise the benefits are far and wide. Shutters are elegant, they go with any décor because they are timeless. Shutters can even be painted and textured to specs to suit your current decor. There is no chance of the colour deteriorating over the years due to a sealant that protects the wood as well as paint, your shutters will remain their luscious throughout its lifetime. Shutters are versatile meaning the styles are only limited by ones imagination. Many people are choosing to go in this direction as shutters are easy on the eye from the outside and the inside, they can be flushed to give the illusion that the shutters are part of the home design.

We understand the stereotype of being pricy attached to shutters. That is why we are here- to provide the shutters of your dreams at a price you can afford. We have a wide range of options to suit your pocket

Being low maintenance, enhancing the ambience of the existing elements in your home and pleasing to the eye…what more could you ask for. Give us a call today to find out our current offers…taking you one step closer to accentuating every inch of your home and bringing the little things together…


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